Founder and CEO

Marco C. van der Ree




About - brokering solidarity


Bringing organizations, communities and people together who want to foster solidarity and build a more sustainable.


Working with: companies, NGOs, CBOs, volunteer organizations, and governments.

Past activities:

"Sustainable Societies: Responsive Citizens" - 64th UN DPI NGO Conference, 2011

"Volunteer Action Counts" - Rio+20, 2012

Where is the tree that was planted
Graduation event 1200 volunteers for Rio+20

We will be doing this through building multi-stakeholder partnerships, developing innovative tools for people’s engagement for sustainable development, including crowdfunding, supporting the development of resource mobilization/fundraising strategies for NGOs, linking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs of companies to the work of NGOs, and through developing ideas to make development programs and the global development architecture more inclusive and efficient.